Forest through the Trees


GreenLit Marketing helps you to see the forest through the trees. 

We believe that not all marketing is created equal. When budgets are tight, you need a team that has the experience to know what will work to achieve your goals and how to build to scalable, repeatable marketing strategy. 

We Focus On:

  • Data-Driven Analysis
  • Marketing Performance
  • Budget Efficiency

Meet the GreenLit Marketing Team

Jamie Hardin
Jamie Hardin
CEO & Founder

Jamie brings nearly 20 years of professional experience in demand generation marketing having served clients in all industries including SaaS, Professional Services, Education, and Government Contracting.

Davida Tescher
Davida Tescher
Vice President of Operations

Davida offers more than 15 years of marketing experience including project management, finance and operations. She specializes in marketing research and analysis, SEO, and operational workflows.